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Jon Jon of the R&B Group Trrop
Jon Jon of the R&B Group Troop and his solo career

Jon Jon Harreld aka Jon Jon of the popular R&B Group TROOP, at the age of six, started singing gospel with his mother, brother and sisters in the church where he grew up which was located in the City Of Pasadena, California. His desire for music did not stop there as he quickly became obsessed with playing the bongos drums and started playing for the congregation at the tender age of eight. Even though Jon Jon is already an accomplished entertainer with a powerful voice which is constantly compared to R&B/Pop legends like Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Michael McDonald and Philip Bailey, he knows doing music the way God gives it to him is important. But he also wants to make sure that his fans know how important they are to Troop’s success as well as his own. He says (The Fans) have always reacted so warmly to his voice during concerts that they always inspire him to push him to the limit!

Musically, Jon Jon has worked and challenged himself by getting deeper involved in the writing and producing side of the business. On the opposite end of the entertaining world, his talent as an actor has emerged by appearing as an extra on the hit motion picture “Coming To America” starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in 1990. Jon Jon has also

performed as an actor in a play called “Treat Her Like A Lady” which was directed by Roy Fegan. Troop accompanied him on the set of “New Jack City” starring Wesley Snipes and Ice-T. As a result the group appeared in the film and performed the hit theme single “For the Love of Money/Living for the City” with LeVert & Queen Latifah.

Jon Jon’s current projects & performances includes the release of new single “Never Too Much” a tribute to the late Luther Vandross. A performance at the BET Awards in June with Troop. Troop was also featured on TvOne’s Unsung. There is talk of an upcoming reality show with his group TROOP in the works as well. Singles “Can I Talk To You” ft. D’Extra Wiley from R&B group IIDExtreme, the theme from the motion picture “The Love Section” ft. Dee Coupe & “Fragile” with Br00klyn James, a single from the Double CD collection by The Bloods & Crips “Banging On Wax” called “Bullets Don’t Have No Names”. That project allowed Jon Jon the opportunity to work the Legendary Motown pioneer, the late Freddie Gorman of The Originals, in an effort to reduce gun violence.

In addition to an all-inclusive blend of arranged background vocals on Mr. Gorman’s solo project “It’s All About Love”, Jon Jon accompanied Mr. Gorman on the duet “Together As One” and the trio “Forever Yours”. Janie Bradford, Motown Publicist for 25 years and CEO of Chairman, tapped Jon Jon on the shoulder for the Motor City Reunion Christmas album. This opportunity allowed Jon Jon to be the first member of Troop to record a Christmas song titled, “The Present” and work with legends such as Bobby Rogers & Dave Finley of The Miracles, Johnny Powers, Freddie Gorman & Hank Dixon of The Originals, Bertha McNeil, Caldinstreet, Haddie Littles, Popcorn Wiley, Alice Coltrane, Sherry Payne (The Supremes), Maryland McCloud, Bing Bowles, Melvin Moy, Francis Nero, The Countors, and Mable John.  Janie Bradford also requested Jon Jon to perform at the 2011 HAL Awards, where Jon Jon delighted Motown Legends “The Temptations”, Berry Gordy, and many

others as he performed “Ain’t To Proud To Beg” in honor of the Motown Legend the late David Ruffin in celebration of The Temptations’ 50th Anniversary. Jon Jon has also performed “The National Anthem” at Fight Night at the LA Forum and celebrity basketball tournaments.

Despite a hectic schedule, Jon Jon still finds time to play his favorite sport: Basketball! And for added exercise he enjoys a few hours of roller skating. He says that skating relaxes him when he’s in the studio he can concentrate on giving the people what they want. Through his commitment to the community, he encourages the young by volunteering at the Pasadena Boys & Girls Club, Cities In Schools (A National Drop Out Prevention Program), and is active in church in Pasadena, CA. It’s obvious that spiritual faith and sheer determination have brought Jon Jon to this point in his career. He says you can’t have success without failure through God, faith and hard work no dream is out of reach.

Jon Jon Harreld has completed in studio production of his highly anticipated soulful debut solo project “Chosen”. The first single, “Never Too Much”, a tribute cover honoring the Late Legendary Luther Vandross, is in rotation radio and media outlets including Music Choice and has earned a spot on the Billboard charts. Jon Jon’s latest single “Girlfriend” debuted October 4, 2016 on I-Tunes and is also available on several digital outlets as well as in radio rotation around the world. GIRLFRIEND was number 9 on Starpoint RADIO in the UK in 2016. Jon Jon performed GIRLFRIEND in Las Vegas, The Tropicana in Atlantic City on same billing with TROOP and Stephanie Mills, and the Tom Joyner Foundation’s “Fantastic Voyage Cruise”. He is booked to perform in upcoming events, one of which is with Michel’le as well. Troop has several new singles available which are “Forever” and “Not in a Million Years” all music is available on digital outlets such as Amazon Muisc, Google Music, & iTunes for your convenience.