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We produce high quality, low-cost, fast, commercials and audio production for TV & radio spots, pre-roll ads, phone on-hold messages/IVR,  industrial narration, political ads, corporate training, web based training, audio books, E-learning, PA System recordings, or anything that requires a voice-over talent. Need English-to-Spanish translation and Spanish voiceovers? We do that, too!  We can also add quality sound effects, music, and more to your production.

Recording of voice-over using our specially trained voice-over artists (male or female) and specialists.

We record the voice-over of your pre-written script, or we have writers that can assist in writing your content.

We can also apply all the studio finesse to make it sound great using high quality microphones and tube pre-amps, and mix it into the audio or video that you need.

Prices are based on 15 minute increments or recording time.


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