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Black Owned Business Funding

is a community platform built to help fund, support and fuel resources into black owned businesses, ventures, entrepreneurs, organizations, community projects and more. This is all accomplished through a network of black business owners, developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, investors, and those wanting to donate to the growth and development of black owned businesses, entrepreneurs and creative talent.

Black Owned Business Funding is a platform similar to crowdfunding services like GoFundme and Kickstarter but is specifically designed and geared towards black owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

One of the main pit-falls experienced by black owned businesses and their owners is the lack of financing. Some of whom an extra $50 to buy business cards, or ink for their printers would greatly increase their ability to market and/or produce product and services that will bring customer growth and profit. This accomplished with a simple $50 investment into their business, imagine what $1000 or $2500 could do! Being a company built and established on a vision brought to life, and the belief that most dreams end up in the graveyard. It is our mission to prevent the dreams and visions of countless others ending up there.

If you would like to help support and fund the entrepreneurial visions and dreams of many small black owned businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere, please visit the Black Owned Business Funding site and donate to any of the crowd-funding campaigns available there.

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