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Cheryl The Pearl Real Radio Angels of Atlanta
Cheryl The Pearl Real Radio Angels of Atlanta

Cheryl L. Cook a-k-a “Cheryl the Pearl”

formerly of “The Sequence” For as long as she can remember, she has had a love for music. Born November 19, 1960 to Theorodore & Sadie Woodson; Cheryl Lorraine Cook was introduce to the world. Cheryl grew up watching her grandmother, the late Mamie Cook sing on the church choir and began to develop a listening ear. As she got older, she began watching Diana Ross and the Supremes on the Ed Sullivan Show. At that time, she knew that she wanted to be a performer.

Cheryl began entering talent shows

in school and found out that she had a special talent. As she became a young adult, her interest in music grew. In high school, Cheryl joined forces with 2 of her best friends; Gwendolyn Chisolm and Angie Brown. They decided to put a group together and later became “The Sequence”. On their journey to becoming the best female rap group of that era, they met Sylvia Robinson at the Township Auditorium in 1979.

The girl group was asked to sing at one of the Sugar Hill Gang’s shows, where they performed an original piece written by Cheryl Cook called “Funk You UP”.

Immediately Mrs. Robinson took them under her wings and said, “One day, they would be stars”! Not long after that, she made good on her promise and The Sequence became the first female rappers to sale over 500,000 units of a 12’ inch single in the history of Hip Hop. Cheryl also wrote for the Sugar Hill Gang, such songs as: 8th Wonder, Apache, & In the Fast Lane. For the West Street Mob, she wrote, Let’s Dance & Break Dance. Her writing abilities didn’t stop there because she wrote a lot of the songs for The Sequence, such as: Funk you up, Tear the Roof Off, and Monster Jam. A lot of music icons that Cheryl respects have sampled her work and she is very grateful for it. Such artist as: Envogue, Dr. Dre’, Buster Rhymes, Master P. Eddie Murphy in the movie Doctor Dolittle, Ice Cube in the movie Friday, Missy Elliot, Trina, De La Soul, Jennifer Lopez and many more. It is always a humbling feeling when great artist sample your work. Cheryl is now on a new quest. She is in the process of starting up her own company; Black Bottom Entertainment, LLC and under her label she will be the first to drop her new Come Back CD. Her company will reflect her imagine; therefore this promises to be a new part of history. Her first single will be entitled: Got Love, which was written by Cheryl Cook. She would like to take this moment to thank everyone in the music industry in advance for welcoming her back and for their continuous support. Black Bottom Entertainment “Cheryl the Pearl”