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Radio Angels and 1420 AM WATB Atlanta 

is looking to provide a community platform for all artistic and creative talent, businesses, entrepreneurs and brands to display and promote their work and to network, connect, collaborate, develop projects that build and promote their businesses and brands, and to scout, promote, and develop other artistic and creative talent.

The Radio Angels in conjunction with other industry labels and media outlets uses its resources to scout, promote, and help brand businesses, entrepreneurs, and various forms of artistic and creative talent across the board.  The Radio Angels not only offers the ability to create unique marketing and branding strategies to increase market awareness via broadcast and terrestrial radio, but also has the ability to also create unique marketing and branding strategies and advertising campaigns with a consistently cohesive theme.

The intent of these conglomerations is to use their various platforms to develop, equip, promote, and advertise those currently in business or providing a service within their communities locally, nationally and internationally. Bringing awareness to their businesses, brands or creative talent by expanding the reach to their target consumer base and developing professional viable consumer relationships .  

Marketing and advertising can be a tedious and finicky field to deal with especially with the different industries saturated with similar products and projects.  There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world, yet we can all name only a few hundred and notice or see even less in any given year.  The goal of a business, brand, or entrepreneur  is to become a household name, where people know what products or services your brand offers and how to quickly access them.

It is the mission and goal of The Radio Angels  via 1420 AM WATB ATLANTA an various other resources and media outlets to provide these businesses, brands, entrepreneurs and creative individuals with the many different proactively progressive ways to: develop their creative skills and talents, promote their businesses and brands with the products and services they offer, and to provide them with the information, knowledge, and resources to properly market, advertise, promote and display their brands.


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