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Jon Jon of the R&B Group Trrop

Jon Jon of Troop

Jon Jon Harreld aka Jon Jon of the popular R&B Group TROOP, at the age of six, started singing gospel with his mother, brother…

Hip Hop's Ladie's First. A Legend and Icon, member of the first female hip hop group The Sequence. Radio Angel host 1420 AM WATB Atlanta

Cheryl The Pearl

Cheryl The Pearl

Pioneer First Female Of Hip Hop

Will Joins The Show May 28, 2017 as a New Host

The Sequence was a female old school…


The R&B all female funk band KLYMAXX is KLYMAXXTIC!¬† Still going strong their music is a staple on the radio and in dance clubs…

The Sequence

The Sequence
The Sequence is¬†America's first Southern rap group. A female hip hop trio that was signed to the Sugar Hill label in the late-1970s…


is an American R&B quintet based in Waco, Texas. Hi-Five had a #1 hit on Billboard's Hot 100 in the early 1990s with "I…

69 Boyz

Coming Up July 9, 2017

69 Boyz is an American Miami bass and hip hop group originating from Jacksonville, Florida, but now based largely in…